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Our Ideal Customers

Wali Mutazammil

President and Chief Executive Officer Behavioral and Mental Wellness Coaching, Inc.

Our Ideal Customers

BMWC's ideal customers have allocated resources for any of these categories below leadership development, behavioral, and mental wellness learning programs in the workplace or college campuses. Even after best efforts, employees or students still struggle with self-confidence and worthiness, working well together, feeling good about their accomplishments, and performing at their highest peak. 

BMWC facilitates transformational leadership development, the RAP FIRST practices and wellness framework that creates action plans for behavioral wellness, which becomes new habits for your teams, heightened morale, increased productivity, and greater success for individuals and your organization’s mission. 

BMWC supports senior management teams, behavioral and mental health professionals, solving the problem of self-imposed barriers, stigma/discrimination, and identifying positive resources needed for social support when providing treatment of services.

Our ideal customers are seeking support from successful stories in leadership development and behavioral and mental wellness. We understand firsthand the power of accessing solutions in real-time. BMWC have seen senior executives and their teams make profound breakthroughs that have been immensely impactful on their organizations. BMWC put everything they have into every project and does not rest until their client’s expectations are exceeded.

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